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Here’s what my clients are saying:

Happy 2015 Carol! Thanks for all your insight through the many years…your the “BEST”!

12/31/14  |  Greatful


Excellent accurate truthful reader. doesn’t fill you up with false hope , doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. She tells the truth and has always been throughout the months i have been calling. No false hope only the truth. Carol has been very accurate and never led me astray. It has been a difficult and learning experience and she has guided me along the way.

12/24/14  | Johnsc197503


Great caring person and there when you need her! She sticks with what she says and does not change it. thanks.

12/24/14  | Baffled44


So my story takes a new turn. So much you were right on. He does have a daughter, two actually. I’m calling you again today I have just a few more questions. Looking forward to our chat.

12/11/14 | Moonbeam38

Been with this advisor for many, many years!! One of the very best on Keen! Tells it exactly like it is!

12/05/14 | Country95

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