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15-Minute Phone Reading


Schedule a 15-minute phone reading with Carol Simon for $50.00.


  • 15-minute phone reading
  • Scheduled callback
  • Phone readings conducted in English
  • Phone readings are callbacks made to domestic US phone numbers and Canada only
  • Readings for clients residing in other countries can be arranged via Skype
  • Carol’s appointment times are EST (Eastern Standard Time, USA November – March, and EDT, Eastern Daylight Time, USA March – November)

The 15-minute reading is a scheduled call back. Carol will place a call to you  on the date and at the time you requested.  She will call the number you provided at the time of booking the reading.  Sorry, Carol only calls domestic US and Canadian phone numbers. Please be sure that if you are using a cell phone for the call that you disable any “blocked” caller features.  Carol also recommends that you plan to be in a quiet place when you receive her call and somewhere that has a strong cell phone signal.

If you reside in another country and understand English, a phone reading with Carol may be arranged through Skype.  Reserve your reading time and date, pay for the reading and supply your Skype ID.  Carol will send a Skype invitation and provide her Skype ID.  At the time of the reading, the client is responsible to initiate the Skype call to Carol. Costs incurred for Skype calls to other countries are borne by the client.


Carol requires that all readings are pre-paid.  Payments are handled through PayPal.  Before scheduling a reading, please apprise yourself of Carol’s cancellation policy.  Be sure to enter the phone number you wish to receive the call on if you reside in the USA.  Click on the button below to be taken to Carol’s Appointment Book and arrange a date and time for your phone reading. If you wish to check availability and schedule your reading first, please remember to return to this page to make a remittance through PayPal, as readings are only confirmed when paid.  Clients that reside in other countries will need to arrange for the call to be initiated by them through Skype.

15-MINUTE PHONE READINGSchedule your 15-minute phone reading with Carol, here.


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Complete the information below to pay for your phone reading. Make certain to select the correct length of reading desired, as this amount is carried over to PayPal for remittance.  Remember, you can pay at PayPal with a valid MasterCard, Visa, Discover or Bank Debit card. If paying first, once the payment is complete at PayPal return to this page to schedule the reading.

Phone Reading Payment

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