Actually ‘love’ consists of actions, attitude and a way of thinking.  Many think either you have love or you don’t.  In other words, something we have no control over when in reality, it is a choice.  Love among people (vs my dog LOL) is actually an attitude that exalts the interests of the other person and helps them progress.

As the Bible says, “… love is patient, love is kind..”  If we truly care about ourselves, we should only accept what we feel we deserve.  Do we settle for only a piece of cheese on a pizza or a whole slice?  Don’t know about you, but I want the slice and will not settle for less.  When we have a job, we want to be paid equitably.. why not the same in a relationship?  When we are being paid minimum wage for an administrative position, we will look elsewhere in orcer to get the salary we deserve and oftentimes find it.  Well love and relationships are very similar.  BUT… it starts with ourselves and how we define our own self-worth.  That is where a healthy relationship starts – with ourselves and how we perceive ourselves.  Look for someone who compliments you because ultimately no one will complete you, that is YOUR job.

Remember, love comes in different flavors, ie, love of parent, love of pet, love of child, etc.  Choose wisely because ultimately it IS a choice.  Find your ‘compliment’ and nurture it as it should also nurture you.